About Us

TEKNIMA has been serving its customers in the following areas based on quality and customer satisfaction through its founder’s experience in the sector and foreign trade since 1985.

-To provide waterjet machines for old stripe removal on the roads & runway rubber removal at the airports,
-To provide the following road marking paints:
-Thermoplastic Road Marking Materials (Paint),
-Cold Road Marking Paint,
-One-Component Road Marking Paint,
-Two-Component Road Marking Paint,
-Waterbase (Waterborne) Road Marking Paint,
-Paints for Airport/Airfield Marking,
-Phosphoric Road Marking Paint,
-Glass beads for road and airport markings,
-To provide fire retardant paints for metal surfaces,
-To make the application for all kind of road marking paints on the roads, airports and parking places,
-To provide all kind of traffic signs based on project requirements and make the installation of them on the roads,
-To provide the poles and steel construction works for installation of traffic signs on the roads,
-To provide reflective sheetings for the traffic sign manufacturers and advertisement sector,
-To provide thermoplastic and cold paint road marking machines,
-To provide the required spare parts of these machines and maintenance service after sales,
-To provide the traffic safety products,
-To provide steel road culvert pipes,
-To make the import & export for various industrial products and foodstuffs depending on customer’s demands,

TEKNIMA, which serves with its ever-increasing capacity in this direction, aims to be one of the leading provider and application companies in Turkiye. Today, the fast-paced world, the importance of having a regular, safe, fast traffic when the people is rushing around and taking turns is accepted by everyone. It is our basic approach that people can arrive in time, safely and tirelessly whenever they want. Because of this, every product provided by TEKNIMA has ergonomic, long life and functional features. Given the fact that traffic is a big problem in the World, our main goal is to find the permanent solutions, to follow the developments in the World, to develop and implement them. Of course, human and environmental factors are in the first place in all the studies that we make in this direction. Today, our greatest pride is the contribution our products make to human life that provide safety on roads, in urban areas, in parking lots and in areas where traffic is intense. This means that every solution we offer is not just a job, but an approach to minimizing the risk of danger, along with maximizing productivity and performance. We commit to provide the materials with high quality, technological innovations and maintenance services to our customers needed in traffic safety with TEKNIMA difference.